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My Story 

I´m Karla Garcia Villalobos founder of Conquistarte. Since I was a teenage I aspired to look like all the skinnny woman, with big boobs, and big glutes, with no strech marks, clear and firm skin and a big smile of happieness for having the life that everyone would envy. I had a hard time understanding that the beauty of life was the diversity of bodies, with their different sizes and natural marks; but above all, it blinded me to understand that everyone sculpts their own body according to the root of their true personality. Until one day, I decided to open my eyes and realized that the fight was not against the size of my pants, but that this war was against me and I could not win it. 

Since that day I decided I wanted to make peace with myself, so I started working on forgive myself and on hugging myself more. I decided to work on my body because I loved it and not because I hated it, I decided to nourish it with food that would fill it with energy and I started showing my body, who I was off. By showing off I mean its different shapes, colors and shades. And It was until  then that I started conquering my heart, my mind, my body, who I really am and now nothing can stop me .


My Story

Ancla 2

I´m  Pau, a nutritionist and a food lover ever since.

I went through all kinds of diets, only focused on my pounds (and not on how I felt), I stopped enjoying food, I stopped going out, I  started punishing myself up and feeling like I had failed.

After a lot of work, I found balance, something that I will always help you look for.

I work recognizing that food is much more complex than just "eating well or badly", because we are social people, with feelings and whom live situations that directly impact us in the way we eat.


As a nutritionist I will accompany you throughout this process, I will always look beyond your weight, because all I want do is help you create better habits and life long habits, I want you to learn how to nourish yourself and enjoy food, without fear, guilt or punishment, being  free of guilt.

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